About Us


Total Quality Technologies Ltd delivers a broad range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to diverse industry segments but primarily to clients in the oil and gas industry.

Our Mission

is to enhance our customers’ productivity by providing the best technology, processes and human expertise that deliver the right solutions on time and within budget, thus enabling them maximize returns on technology investments.

Our Vision

is to be one of the foremost provider of technology solutions in West Africa, enabling clients meet their ICT needs in a timely and cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

Our Unique Capabilities

  • Integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT)solutions provider.
  • Experience in the full spectrum of the IT DNA
  • Projects and Operations Support specialists
  • Strong partner and support network
  • Vast experience in the Oil and Gas sector
  • DPR Licensed
  • Nigerian Content compliant

Leading Innovation and Delivery


Execution Capability

  • Experienced personnel
  • Geographic spread
  • Remote support capability
  • Customer service priority
  • Focus on innovative solutions
  • Quality assurance

Strong Partner Network

  • TD Africa Ltd.
  • Rakhone Global Resources Ltd.
  • Microburst Inverter Systems
  • Swifttalk
  • Simbanet
  • Cobranet